Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hey, this video has only been viewed just over 700 times. All  you expatriate Wogs need to understand that brown onions are the key to Indian cooking. 

You curry will be blah if you do not add brown onions. Your biryani will be bully with brown onions. Let's face it, all ye fans of Raj curry, brown onions make the world go around.

Chef Harlap Singh shows you this trick. I want to try this and add these brown onions to an omelette.

I know. You Expatriate Wogs are whining, wondering why I have gone bonkers for cooking. Well, most Wogs I know from the British Colonial days are amateur chefs. I have the honor of being the one to check the curry pot just before serving, and I add the secret ingredients.

I will tell you a couple of my secrets.

1. Coffee- Add a bit of instant coffee to the pot. It does something subtle and romantic to the curry.

2. Add a bit of sugar..... Not enough to taste it, but a little sugar will clandestinely turn on the sweet taste buds, and you will fool the victims into thinking you are a curry expert.

3. Jamun- Again, just a little to get that tricky flavor of the plum.

4. Safron will deepen the yellow color without having to add too much turmeric. To little turmeric kills the curry, and too much turmeric makes the curry taste like mud. 

5. Make sure the curry powder is abundant. While many of your victims will gasp and claim they are being punished unjustly by your hot curry, they will clean the pot out in spite of themselves. The last thing you want to over hear is, "His curry is hot, but I have eaten hotter." Let no one say this about you.

For the post Colonial amateur curry eaters, have a dish of yogurt on hand to cut the heat.

There are my free tips for the chef in your house.

Not to vorry (with sincere head wag).

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