Friday, May 16, 2014


These people in Swaziland are amazing. I grew up in Africa, and one of the most terrifying cries to hear is someone yelling, "MAMBA"!

Where I live in Tanzania and Kenya, we have the black and the green mamba, and both were deadly of course. We did not see nearly as many as these people do in South Africa.

Please remember that fully two thirds of the people bitten by poisonous snakes were trying to kill them. In the US the rattle snake has a limited striking distance, but he has long fangs. In Australia there are many poisonous snakes, but they have short fangs which does reduce the seriousness of strikes where any clothing is worn. But, the Aussie snakes are very deadly.

If you want to be prepared for snake bite, research the common idea of suction after a snake bite. The venom flows through the lymph system, not the blood system. So, bleeding is suspect at best. A special stretch bandage is preferred which is available online.

Brand name, Setopress.



I bought a suction device that was highly recommended, but later I read research from Australia and from California that found it only drew out 2% of the venom. The sales pitch claims up to 80%. The research made me very skeptical, so we have the pressure bandage and the suction device. If you can get to a hospital in reasonable time, I would strongly suggest bypassing the suction method and apply the pressure bandage and go straight to ER.

Reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are not from people who were bitten and used the suction device. They are from people who bought it and were impressed by the cleverness and ease of use. So was I, but I had to admit that and decide to go with the research.

If you are bitten, call for help, and try not to panic or run or rub the limb.  That will only move the poison to be absorbed faster. In the US wear snake chaps when wandering in the woods or working there. In Africa the chaps would help, but the mambas and cobras often strike high.

Keep watching.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Out of the colonial past.....

We're having a hear wave..... 

Tommy Emmanuel

She certainly can, can can

Friday, August 3, 2012


With India's population, a flash mob like this could get clear out of control. Can you imagine if the music lasted three hours..... the whole population of Gujarat could end up in the thing the way they kept crawling out of the woodwork.



But, the article fails to reveal with most urgent reason for the surveillance satellites. It seems the Tiffin Wallahs of Mumbai are suspected of smuggling fake currency printed in Pakistan. The tiffin wallahs are buying the fake cash at a great discount, raising the price, but still at a considerable discount, and selling it to make up the shortfall in funds for General VK Singh in the latest allocations from the Ministry of Defense to the Army.

So, why watch the Tiffin Wallahs? Well, there has never been a loss of cash in millions of deliveries of fake money stashes under the curry pot.

It seems that the Tiffin Wallahs have minimum delivery errors that are famous worldwide. They only make three mistakes in one million deliveries. This means that it will be virtually impossible to lose cash (into deep pockets) in the transactions and blame them on inflation and mismanagement.

The satellites are not meant to catch the Tiffin Wallahs. The Government wants to learn how they find politicians so well at midday without GPS devices. It is thought that Tiffin Wallahs may be used in Military operations in tanks to find the enemy. Of course, if there is a pot of curry involved, the enemy may simply surrender to get a good home made curry dinner.

Now, where else on the web can you read such priceless earth shaking news. Where can you curry favor in this way and get away with it?

Not to worry.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The police, city employees, and school teachers of Trenton, New Jersey, were down to their last wipe the other day. 

The Health Department, the other day, ordered the city to shut down all public buildings when the toilet paper ran out. It seems that the budget will not handle the bottom line of modern civilization. 

There is the odor of crisis in the air. 

But, you will be pleased to know that PETA, the animal rights people, have come from behind and offered a six month supply of TP if their selected message can be printed on it. The city mayor was very pleased to accept the offer and supply all city offices with the PETA TP.

The message reads, 
"Slaughterhouses are so filthy that more than half of all meat is contaminated with fecal bacteria." 
This seems to be a very good concept, for it solves two things-- 

One, exposing this fact may result in our beef not being marinated in poo, and.... 

Two, it may also prevent beef shortages as city employees consider this message before buying beef.

Now, you may be wondering why this is on Expatiate Wog blog.  I just thought our British friends would like to see how the Colonies have progressed since we won our independence.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Greek government was ruled or manipulated many years ago by royals from Denmark. These royals were also deeply involved with Nazi Germany and Great Britain. Eventually, Prince Philip went to the UK and married Queen Elizabeth before she was coronated. Philip has had a long standing score to settle with Greece for exiling his father and humiliating the Danish monarchy.

Read about it.

Thus, there are clearly historic forces who want to humble Greece for its temerity in dealing with Germans and Danes without showing humility at the feet of the old European royal families.

Thus, here is the result.

There is a conflagration coming the day the Greek people rise up and thrash the powers and leave the EU. They will cancel their debt to the EU, thus ending the slavery Germany, France, and the UK have put them under.

The end of this will be that the center of activity will move toward Jerusalem, and Greece is closer than the UK and Germany. This is the Bible prophecy path of movement in the End Times. If you do not believe the Bible is the final authority, this will make you laugh. But, one day I will have the last laugh. Not because I am so clever, but because God has revealed the end game to his people. 

The days ahead will be an agnostic's nightmare, for Atheists and agnostics have no hope, and no revelation to show the direction of world affairs ahead.

As to Greece and default, and as to Greece being extorted into taking out horrendous loans as they default, this is the destiny of the USA. Only when we are forced to put our great grandchildren into slavery, it will be BRICS-- Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa-- that cracks the whip.

Sounds like a mad dog prediction, I admit, but the way of Greece and Italy tells me that those to whom we owe the most now will call the shots as we go down into Egypt into bondage. In this case, Egypt should be spelled "Beijing."

15 trillion, and most of it sold to China.