Friday, August 3, 2012


With India's population, a flash mob like this could get clear out of control. Can you imagine if the music lasted three hours..... the whole population of Gujarat could end up in the thing the way they kept crawling out of the woodwork.



But, the article fails to reveal with most urgent reason for the surveillance satellites. It seems the Tiffin Wallahs of Mumbai are suspected of smuggling fake currency printed in Pakistan. The tiffin wallahs are buying the fake cash at a great discount, raising the price, but still at a considerable discount, and selling it to make up the shortfall in funds for General VK Singh in the latest allocations from the Ministry of Defense to the Army.

So, why watch the Tiffin Wallahs? Well, there has never been a loss of cash in millions of deliveries of fake money stashes under the curry pot.

It seems that the Tiffin Wallahs have minimum delivery errors that are famous worldwide. They only make three mistakes in one million deliveries. This means that it will be virtually impossible to lose cash (into deep pockets) in the transactions and blame them on inflation and mismanagement.

The satellites are not meant to catch the Tiffin Wallahs. The Government wants to learn how they find politicians so well at midday without GPS devices. It is thought that Tiffin Wallahs may be used in Military operations in tanks to find the enemy. Of course, if there is a pot of curry involved, the enemy may simply surrender to get a good home made curry dinner.

Now, where else on the web can you read such priceless earth shaking news. Where can you curry favor in this way and get away with it?

Not to worry.

Here is the video story of the Tiffin Wallahs, more recently called Gabbawallahs.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The police, city employees, and school teachers of Trenton, New Jersey, were down to their last wipe the other day. 

The Health Department, the other day, ordered the city to shut down all public buildings when the toilet paper ran out. It seems that the budget will not handle the bottom line of modern civilization. 

There is the odor of crisis in the air. 

But, you will be pleased to know that PETA, the animal rights people, have come from behind and offered a six month supply of TP if their selected message can be printed on it. The city mayor was very pleased to accept the offer and supply all city offices with the PETA TP.

The message reads, 
"Slaughterhouses are so filthy that more than half of all meat is contaminated with fecal bacteria." 
This seems to be a very good concept, for it solves two things-- 

One, exposing this fact may result in our beef not being marinated in poo, and.... 

Two, it may also prevent beef shortages as city employees consider this message before buying beef.

Now, you may be wondering why this is on Expatiate Wog blog.  I just thought our British friends would like to see how the Colonies have progressed since we won our independence.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Greek government was ruled or manipulated many years ago by royals from Denmark. These royals were also deeply involved with Nazi Germany and Great Britain. Eventually, Prince Philip went to the UK and married Queen Elizabeth before she was coronated. Philip has had a long standing score to settle with Greece for exiling his father and humiliating the Danish monarchy.

Read about it.

Thus, there are clearly historic forces who want to humble Greece for its temerity in dealing with Germans and Danes without showing humility at the feet of the old European royal families.

Thus, here is the result.

There is a conflagration coming the day the Greek people rise up and thrash the powers and leave the EU. They will cancel their debt to the EU, thus ending the slavery Germany, France, and the UK have put them under.

The end of this will be that the center of activity will move toward Jerusalem, and Greece is closer than the UK and Germany. This is the Bible prophecy path of movement in the End Times. If you do not believe the Bible is the final authority, this will make you laugh. But, one day I will have the last laugh. Not because I am so clever, but because God has revealed the end game to his people. 

The days ahead will be an agnostic's nightmare, for Atheists and agnostics have no hope, and no revelation to show the direction of world affairs ahead.

As to Greece and default, and as to Greece being extorted into taking out horrendous loans as they default, this is the destiny of the USA. Only when we are forced to put our great grandchildren into slavery, it will be BRICS-- Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa-- that cracks the whip.

Sounds like a mad dog prediction, I admit, but the way of Greece and Italy tells me that those to whom we owe the most now will call the shots as we go down into Egypt into bondage. In this case, Egypt should be spelled "Beijing."

15 trillion, and most of it sold to China.

Monday, February 13, 2012


From the Blue Mountains with love-- 

dripping with sincerity-- 

moist and cheerful..........

Unless you forget the drought of the last five years :-)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It does not seem to be the big bullies or the mother land.


So, I assume Americans and the British are still welcome, but we Anglo-Saxons have to wait at the door a bit longer than New Zealanders and Asians.

Question: Did we fail to notice something? Is it possible that Indians always did have a soft spot in their hearts for the quiet people? Or, is this simply the Wogs getting revenge with the Raj?

The future will swing from the Western nations to Asia as Europe and the USA collapse as the Big Bad Boys who rule commerce and world polity. It would be wise to make friends elsewhere in the event that we end up in lower place (as to power and clout) than India et al.

Just want you to notice.

Monday, January 30, 2012


This is amazing indeed. It seems that New Zealandrers who want to be free would do well to move from that advanced nation of brimming intellects on high to the land of the primitive Wogs of Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda. The world looks down on small African nations, but I can promise you that those Wogs are a lot freer than 100% of the White race. Why? Answer: Their leaders DEPEND on them to produce their own food, and surplus goes to market, not the other way around.


Here is a letter to a the web site above. I want it here in case the authorities force it off the web. If indeed this is the work of our Food and Drug Administration in the USA, as well as their lordships Monstanto, then we may assume that New Zealand is merely a test case to learn public reaction. 

This will soon be worldwide policy, and they will try to force it on Africa and Asia as well. This makes me think again about the things I have said about President Mugabe being corrupt. We dare not accuse anyone in the world of being wicked anymore, for we have blood on our hands.

goldenagebeyond on 2012/01/14 at 3:26 am, commenting on Food, illegal? Not in my back yard.
I have just spent 3 hours reviewing (or attempting to review) NZ Government Food Bill 160-2 as well as a good selection of the comments made by the select committee.
Just to add some perspective, I have a PhD in population ecology (U of California at Santa Barbara), I have spent most of my working life as an Environmental Analyst including 15 years as a Programme Specialist and finally as a Director with UNESCO.
In all my years working with the highest International policy levels dealing with environmental management relating to Human System I have never encountered any regulatory document anywhere that even vaguely approaches the detail present in this document. The time taken to draft this cunningly contrived control mechanism would run into hundreds of thousands of person-hours. The cost of drafting anything like this complex control mechanism would be VAST, probably running into the millions of dollars. The scope of the document is absolutely incredible. It allows for the state to absolutely deploy its full capacity to control even the minutest levels of food and food-related components. If desired, this could even include a food-plan to cover what one might feed a dinner guest along with the associated proscriptions and punishments that might be involved in case of deviations therefrom. I say “allows” because everything and almost any related thing can be “allowed” by the Minister (or not), in addition to the thousands of specific conditions cited.
This is a comprehensive control-mechanism pure and simple. Its political purpose is clear: the source of funding to support drafting the template for this item are quite clear and many people have already alluded to this in the comment-stream above. What kinds of free-trade agreements do you think will develop with this sort of thing as the back-stop? True, it allows for rules and procedures to be formulated to help ensure that the food one buys is “safe” but that is not the primary intent of Bill 160-2 at all. Nothing other than the full and explicit control of society is intended through so called “food management”. Food (energy) is the fundamental ecological choke-point that governs all living systems….. Think about it folks.
NZ Food Security: for “source of funding etc” as above see Codex Alimentarius on youtube etc and at Also research the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here is a five part presentation on Strong Delusion that God is sending to the godless elite of the world at this time. These articles should help you understand what is happening in the present stress.

[ See menu just below ]
This is a discussion of God's entering into the world and giving delusion
to humanity so that they believe the lies of the wicked and Satan in the end
Times. If you do not read all the articles below in order, and if you skip one,
you will end up confused. If you are depressed or recovering from shell
shock from bad company, take this is small doses please.

Strong Delusion-- God Wants Wicked Men Deluded
The Bible tells us that humanity would be made delusional by God so that they believe
lies in the End Times..... It is happening as I write. Suggestion: Take this medicine in
several doses. It is strong stuff, so bookmark it to find it again. Do not attempt to watch
this and then go to bed please.

Eugenics, Evolution, Genetics, and You
After reading Part One about the Strong Delusion God is now sending to men we
need to see that God has a very urgent reason to trash the schemes of godless men
in high places. They intend to reinvent God's creation, and God? is not amused.

Strong Delusion and the Coming Banking Crash
After reading Part One and Two about the pervasive nature of world delusion,
imposed on godless men by God, we all have the banking crisis on our minds these
days. Deluded men, thinking they are doing? well, will destroy the whole world's
banking and commerce.

How to Survive Eugenics and the Coming Holocaust
So, after reading Part One through Three of this discussion, you will now want to
know if God has provided a way of escape for his children. God never judges the
wicked and his saints at the same time. He insists on a clear distinction so that the
wicked know what the stakes are.

World War III and the Reduction of the USA
This is a discussion added to the overall thoughts in Parts One through Four.
We need to learn about the last great war, and we want to see if our present obsessions
with war making coincide with these prophecies. We will learn that the United States of
America is at the top of God's hit list to be emasculated before the Battle of Armageddon.

If you have comments, please leave them below. If you want to contact me, use the comment box, and include your email address please.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Actually, they invaded over a year ago. The Transitional Federal Forces were trying to take the southern part of Somalia, but they were not making much progress.

So, the Kenya Defense Forces invaded to help the TFF get the job done. The world media chatters about the zeal of Muslims militants, and many news sources have predicted failure. After a year, the KDF is plodding on to Kismayo, the de facto capital of Al Shabaab. The KDF have invaded and liberated at least eight towns and cities and turned them over to the TFF to further administer.

The object is not to invade and hole Somalia forever but to force Al Shabaab to sue for a peace treaty and a cease fire. 

What has the US done to help? The best they can do is criticize the KDF. The US Ambassador in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has mocked at the KDF for being "bogged down." The facts are that the KDF is moving steadily on toward the center of Somalia, but they have not done the classic rush of the US into Baghdad. It may just be that the US Ambassador has no concept of how Africans fight.

What is amazing is that the KDF is doing what the US Military could not do-- subdue the countryside in the south. About eight Kenya soldiers have been killed, while hundreds of Al Shabaab have been killed. Al Shabaab shot down a Kenyan helicopter in the first days of the invasion, but the KDF plowed forward in spite of the loss.

In comments in news articles, KDF soldiers write about their determination to liberate Somali people. What is Kenya's interest in this? Oil? Power in the horn of Africa? None of the above, as with the USA and Western forces in the Middle East. Kenya seems to simply be doing what they believe they can do..... what no one else has yet done, including the mighty USA.

I love it. The Wogs to the rescue. By the way, the commander of the operation is a Luo :-) That will mean something significant to your Expatriate Wogs in the UK. We who lived there long ago know how the Lou in the the King's African Rifles fought in Borneo, Belgium, and the the "Emergency" in the Kenya Highlands.

So, the KDF has nearly surrounded Kismayo with bases. Al Shabaab is ready to destroy all bridges across the Juba River, but the KDF do not need to cross that river to take Kismayo. With Mogadishu under a Provisional Transitional Government and reasonably stable, if the KDF took Kismayo, a pincer operation could be launched to secure all of central and southern Somalis. Now, when did you ever hear a Western nation of news media that dared to talk about this much success? Al Shabaab will never give up. They are terrorists, and they have a Jihad ethic. But, it is looking like order may one day return to Somalia.

Bully for Kenya :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, here are the mad people from Australia, as well as some Tahitians.

You cannot say these folks are timid in their zeal for the big ride.


Never let me hear any nonesense again about the way wogs sing.

The mad thing was the crowd went wild for this jerk. I once went to visit a car dealer in our home town who was in emergency passing a kidney stone. His bellowing up and down the hall was far more inspirational than this rubbish. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Such things are not supposed to happened to civilized people.


You in the UK must wonder what happened. We may never know. I have a very close friend from college days, just as Professor Rawlings did. We have kept in contact for over 40 years. I cannot imagine any circumstance in which he or I would want to murder one another. Over many years most of us have the wisdom to abandon a friendship with any signs of such consequences.

What disturbs me is the efficiency (?) with which the authorities have concluded that murder is the most obvious conclusion, and they have probably destroyed the career of Rawlings' friend, no matter where the matter ends. It is typical of the modern nature of Anglo-Saxon insanity, and that includes my own brand here in the USA, that our clever top cop cannot beat half of the terrorists to the trigger, but they can make a criminal of the most harmless child in a flash.

We must all be very thoughtful about our mind set. This event could make us all terrified of our best friends, at least terrified of any friendships with people who have any physical defects of weaknesses. We might soon demand the new contacts go around to hospital and get a lab test, EKG, and echogram to determine if they might die while in our company. We might also call the authorities and report any of our friends who have such weaknesses just to cover ourselves. 

Finking is everywhere, and the police are fanning the fires of terror more than the Arabs in this case.

Actually, I have considered tracking all of you who read here in order to learn if you are perfectly well. Those who fail my test would be blocked so that I am not under suspicion is you have an epileptic fit while reading here. Of course, than it occurred to me that if you did have a fit while reading here, you could use my weird editorial as an excuse to get some added medical attention, hard to get in the UK I gather.

So, I will do my part and keep the weird stuff coming all the way from Texas.

My sympathy to the wife of Dr. Rawlings.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Grab hold please......

Here is Handel, who was German and the court musician to the King of England, writing a piece about The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Ethiopia, which was in south Arabia but is now in the Horn of Africa, played by students of Jean Batiste Sunsil University in Seoul, Korea.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


India, with the help or Mahatma Gandhi, wrested its freedom from the white skinned Anglo-Saxons long ago. Now, they are trying to look like Anglo-Saxons. This may seem like an admission that lighter races are superior, but it is actually a pathetic testimony to the ongoing dissatisfaction of humanity with their predestination.


What is a real laugh is that Anglo and American women are just the same-- dissatisfied with the way God made them. These Anglo twinks lay in the sun and tan themselves darker. In Tennessee, USA, the ladies go to tanning salons and roast themselves a deep well done tan.

So, how is an expatriate Wog supposed to be a responsible racist anyway. These modern women are messing up the whole world social structure. I propose the United Nations pass a Treaty of skin. This treaty would be followed by all member nations shipping white women to countries where white women are to live, and they ship dark woman to places where dark people live. 

This way, they could still tan themselves or bleach themselves, but at least we could all do a better job of practicing intelligent discrimination.

I do try to be reasonable at this blog.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Now, I want you to think about Big Nanny in the UK, the USA, and the world. 

The elite and rulers of the world are in the process of defining us all as dangerous, as offensive, and as a threat to world peace..... IF we stand for something strongly, such as our faith, our nation, and free thought.

So, as you watch this, think about your national leader, your local police, and you minister at your church. What would they answer to these questions?

Do your children and grandchildren remember history because you made sure they never forget the evil empire, and they never forget the sacrifice you and your neighbors made to keep your freedom and keep them free?

More importantly, have you taught your children that abortion is murder? If YOU believe the Nazi Holocaust was murder at its worst, do you also believe abortion is exactly the same?

James 1:5  If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.