Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Greek government was ruled or manipulated many years ago by royals from Denmark. These royals were also deeply involved with Nazi Germany and Great Britain. Eventually, Prince Philip went to the UK and married Queen Elizabeth before she was coronated. Philip has had a long standing score to settle with Greece for exiling his father and humiliating the Danish monarchy.

Read about it.

Thus, there are clearly historic forces who want to humble Greece for its temerity in dealing with Germans and Danes without showing humility at the feet of the old European royal families.

Thus, here is the result.

There is a conflagration coming the day the Greek people rise up and thrash the powers and leave the EU. They will cancel their debt to the EU, thus ending the slavery Germany, France, and the UK have put them under.

The end of this will be that the center of activity will move toward Jerusalem, and Greece is closer than the UK and Germany. This is the Bible prophecy path of movement in the End Times. If you do not believe the Bible is the final authority, this will make you laugh. But, one day I will have the last laugh. Not because I am so clever, but because God has revealed the end game to his people. 

The days ahead will be an agnostic's nightmare, for Atheists and agnostics have no hope, and no revelation to show the direction of world affairs ahead.

As to Greece and default, and as to Greece being extorted into taking out horrendous loans as they default, this is the destiny of the USA. Only when we are forced to put our great grandchildren into slavery, it will be BRICS-- Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa-- that cracks the whip.

Sounds like a mad dog prediction, I admit, but the way of Greece and Italy tells me that those to whom we owe the most now will call the shots as we go down into Egypt into bondage. In this case, Egypt should be spelled "Beijing."

15 trillion, and most of it sold to China.

Monday, February 13, 2012


From the Blue Mountains with love-- 

dripping with sincerity-- 

moist and cheerful..........

Unless you forget the drought of the last five years :-)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It does not seem to be the big bullies or the mother land.


So, I assume Americans and the British are still welcome, but we Anglo-Saxons have to wait at the door a bit longer than New Zealanders and Asians.

Question: Did we fail to notice something? Is it possible that Indians always did have a soft spot in their hearts for the quiet people? Or, is this simply the Wogs getting revenge with the Raj?

The future will swing from the Western nations to Asia as Europe and the USA collapse as the Big Bad Boys who rule commerce and world polity. It would be wise to make friends elsewhere in the event that we end up in lower place (as to power and clout) than India et al.

Just want you to notice.